AVcom, 2005

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Today a considerable part of the world's population lives in a networked information society. An increasing circulation of people, information and data has created new cultural, social, and virtual landscapes, influencing our notions of condition, time and space. Most often this is examined from an economic and technological point of view.

In the project AVcom, the information society is explored as a socio-cultural domain.

Through its conglomeration of media, formats and interdisciplinary artistic praxis, compressions and extensions, the AVcom project highlights the central theme of the European project, underlining in an analytical and critical way the wide spectrum of cultural, economic, ethnic and historical differences of Europe.

In early 2004 the authors visited six harbor cities in the Baltic region. The cities were Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Gdansk. Their aim was to collect as much cultural, historical, geographic, economic data and information as possible about these places.

Documentation of this phase consisted in video material, audio and GPS information.

The audio has been recorded with no interruption and, later, time-compressed by 1000 times to join the selection of recorded video materials and the visualization of collected GPS data in a frenetic overflow of information.

AVcom was exhibited at:

- Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art, Baltic Circle Festival, November 23rd-27th 2005, Helsinki, Finland
- Teatro S. Giorgio, SEAS/Adriati.co festival, October 21st - 30th 2005, Udine, Italy
- Kulturhuset Stockholm, SEAS/Second Wave, August 30th - September 4th 2005, Stockholm, Sweden
- the Almedalen Library, organized by the BAC - Baltic Arts Centre, August 8th - September 8th, Visby, Gotland Island, Sweden
- the Old Paper Factory, organized by Drugo More, June 12th - 19th 2005, Rijeka, Croatia
- Kresija Gallery, Seas Box Live, organized by Flota, December 1st - 5th 2004, Ljubljana, Slovenia
- Gdansk Shipyard, SEAS festival, September 23rd - 26th 2004, Gdansk, Poland
- The Kaliningrad Amber Museum, SEAS festival, July 29th - August 1st 2004, Kaliningrad, Russia
- The Klaipeda Castle, SEAS festival, July 22nd - 25th 2004, Klaipeda, Lithuania


concept: Janez Janša, Mikael Lundberg

sound compression: Palle Dahlstedt
GPS data processing: Joakim Linde, Mats Nordahl
camera and editing: Janez Janša
website: Marcela Okreti

produced by:
Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

co-produced by:
Intercult, Stockholm, Sweden

executive producers:
Marcela Okreti for Aksioma and Asa Simma for Intercult

supported by
the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
the Municipality of Ljubljana

MMC Kibla
Alten d.o.o.

The project AVcom was produced as a part of the pan-European project SEAS.

© Mikael Lundberg
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